Digital Journal project now online

digital JCHASThe Society’s digitisation project “Digital JCHAS” is now complete. Margaret Lantry has project managed and carried out this project. The Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society, from 1892 to 2007 inclusive, consists of over 22,000 pages. In addition, the early volumes also includes additional material including:

This additional material added another 3,100 pages to the Digital JCHAS project.

In addition to scanning every page in the 115 volumes published between 1892 and 2007, Margaret also created a ‘table of contents’ database; this lies underneath the search online that happens using PHP/MySQL. A search of the database shows that there are 5,502 bibliographical items in this period, with a PDF for each these items. Having the database now allows an analysis of authors, for instance: there are over 1,200 author names including items that are initialled. A closer analysis of the database will allow a deeper picture to emerge of publishing in this leading local journal. For the moment here’s a bar chart showing the varying size of the Journal since the beginning:

Pages per volume in JCHAS 1892-2007
Pages per volume in JCHAS 1892-2007

As well as a simple search by title keyword or author, the Indexes of the Journal are now also searchable online.

The Digital JCHAS Project has been funded fully by the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society from its own resources.

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