The Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society (JCHAS) ISSN 0010-8731, published annually, contains illustrated articles on history, archaeology, genealogy, folk-life, folk-culture, place-names and reviews of books and periodicals dealing with these subjects as well as the Proceedings of the Society. The Journal is issued free to Members.
The Honorary Editor of the 2020 Journal is Dr Andrew McCarthy. If you are interested in contributing to the Journal, please read the notes for contributors and publishing agreement.

JCHAS 2015
JCHAS 2015

Indexes of the Journal (1892-2005) are available to consult at many libraries and are also for sale (see below). The indexes can now be searched online.
The table of contents for the issues from 2009 onwards and latest issue can be browsed.

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Please read the notes for contributors before contacting the Hon. Editor about submitting an article. These notes also contain information about sending books for review. Authors who are considering making a submission to the Journal should also read the CHAS Publishing Agreement (dated November 7, 2016).

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