Ogham in 3D – 21st century stones!

Dr Nora White,¬†Principal Investigator of the Ogham in 3D project (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies), spoke to CHAS today at our annual January lunchtime lecture. It was fascinating to see the work that is being done bringing together traditional information and up-to-date technologies so that we can all now look at the many ogham stones from around Ireland on the website. Most of the stones are from Kerry, Cork and Waterford. Nora outlined the various scanners and other technologies used to scan the stones. Of interest to amateur 3D-ers is ‘photogrammetry’, the output from which uses photographs and software to create 3D models or drawings at low cost. I certainly found this interesting and straightaway could think of a building that it might be nice to ‘model’. Nora brought along a small 3D model of an ogham stone for us to see – fascinating!

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